Have A Heart by Mike Williams 01/21/2016 @ 10:03 A.M.

Have A Heart by Mike Williams 01/21/2016 @ 10:03 A.M.

When the heart has but one longing plea,
Return, return your love to me.
It weaves a web over mystery,
And sees beyond shadows of secrecy.

How the heart dances in rhythm and light,
It gives your dreams wings of flight.
It soars over life’s little petty things,
While feeling its many pricks and stings.

Why the heart is tucked away from showing,
Perhaps its all the better for knowing.
For we observe outwardly with our eyes,
But should look closer where the heart lies.

What better treasure behind lock and door,
We search for something worth looking for.
For nothing easily gained rearely lasts,
And the heart is fragile as crystal-like glass.

Where is the abode of our greater humanity?
Some say the mind though I disagree.
Thinking is certainly a noble endeavor,
But feeling is hardly in anyway less clever.

Who knows life’s secrets better than most?
Least anyone should brag or boast.
Marvelous it is to be giftedly smart,
But the greatest gift is to have a heart.


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