Ninety Five Years by Mike Williams 01/21/2016 @ 6:30 P.M.

Ninety Five Years by Mike Williams 01/21/2016 @ 6:30 P.M.

She has outlived countless presidents,
Watched man land on the moon.
She remembers the invent of the computer,
And recalls the internet boom.

She survived marriage during World War Two,
And had a son in Vietnam.
She went through the Jewish Holocaust,
And dropping the atom bomb.

She dealt with the Oklahoma dust bowl,
And traveled by covered wagon.
She has watched life make many changes,
And survived things I can’t imagine.

The world may see a fragile little old lady,
She’s far stronger than she appears.
I call her my sweet dear grandmother,
Who has lived for ninety five years.

Note: This poem is a tribute to the life of my grandmother Eula Lee (McBride) Williams. She  has outlived most of her family and friends and still continues to find wonder and happiness in the world. There are days when she seems caught up in memory, but most of the time she is active and vibrant, playing in her flowers or scribbling down her memoirs. She keeps up with everybody in her little neighborhood and loves to drink coffee and talk with visitors. She has sacrificed all of her life for others and seeing to their well being.


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