Without You (Free Verse) by Mike Williams 01/28/2016 @ 7:00 P.M.

Without You (Free Verse) by Mike Williams 01/28/2016 @ 7:00 P.M.

I have never seen the sky quite as azure,
Nor the grass so vivid viridescent.
As I held your hand and walked with you,
My world transformed into iridescent colors.

I felt a skip in my step and my heart thump,
Everything seemed brand spanking new.
It was being in love that gave me this feeling,
And I experienced it but once in my life.

Time it seemed conspired against us,
It has since taken you away from me.
And gone are the wonderful hues I once saw,
The love and warmth that I have known.

I stood at the side of the bed and held your hand,
Kissed your forehead and closed your eyes.
Then the hurst came to carry you away from me,
The rain poured down and I could not move.

I looked at the flowers in bloom on our balcony,
Each and every one that we planted together.
My sight would not take in their magnificence,
And I felt a part of my very soul had taken leave.

It has been many years and I am not the same,
I doubt that there is hope for my recovery.
The days drag on endlessly and I think of you,
And await my time to cross our divide alas.

I have known one great love and lost you,
My heart aches the moments away constant.
I have only my memories to comfort me,
Alone and lost all the more without you.


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