Fair Weather Friends by Mike Williams 10/18/2014 @ 9:54 A.M.

Fair Weather Friends by Mike Williams 10/18/2014 @ 9:54 A.M.

Fair weather friends, who frolick round about.
Think you not in vain, they whilst linger to stay.
In your hour of sorrow, they flock to your feted nest.
Masked in sympathy, offering shallow glimmers and hollow words.

Dressed beguiling behind flattering smiles and lamentations.
Pretense of hope, easily doth roost in the heart.
Mistaking it’s sharp chirp sweet as a sparrow song.
They gather together in time and reveal their kind.

As they pluck up their strings and crow aloud.
Fey for friendship, fey for care of you, fey for promises made.
Proud as peacocks displaying their tails open.
Strutting and singing their own warbling praises high.

The seeds of hope, love, and good will eaten away.
Drunk upon your sorrows, misfortune, and loss.
Intent reveals itself perched empty, mourning forgot.
Clutched in your hand, but a feather shed memory.

How they danced and made marvelous show.
Leaving you behind, they have flown far away.
In silent suffering grief, isolated in the remnant.
Amongst shadows, until you find your wings again.

Put misery to your back and let the sun find your beautiful face.
Taking flight, letting go of fair weathered friends.


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