Ode To Peace by Mike Williams 03/25/2016 @ 11:40 A.M.

Ode To Peace by Mike Williams 03/25/2016 @ 11:40 A.M.

O’ the paramour of a happy life,
The banderole of concord oriflamme.
Thy equanimity eschews all strife,
And ideals of armistrice O’ sustain.
Spring forth in thy jubilant condition,
Give birth glorious in the hearts of man.
Come with thy gifts of hope and serinity,
Affinial in their sweet fruition.
Before the world lovingly thee stand,
Spreading thy golden gown tranquility.

Lay the ruin and destruction of our lives,
The absence thy light ancient since removed.
O’ comest thou open up our closed eyes,
That not a balm in Gilead could soothe.
Vain now our tedious present state,
Barren the cordiform organ of all.
Cold thy love unto our children we bequeath,
As bride and marriage bed vacant and prate.
None search in quest of thee and hear thy call,
Our sword buried thy wedding dress beneath.

The same fate awaits of our predecease,
O’ settle us and thrive hence evermore.
Stave us our inclination of disease,
Unknown mankind hitherto peaceful o’er.
Enchant us with thy most beautiful song,
And from thy seed taste the divine most fruit.
Thy bosom filled with loveliest desire,
In full regalia court us our lives long.
Strum thy harp, and our hearts, and play thy lute;
All of heaven and earth thee should aspire.

Rhyme: This poem is composed in Iambic Pentameter, five syllables stresses and five unstressed per line.
The rhyme pattern is: A B A B C D E C D E.

Originally created by Greeks to provide choral accompaniment, structured in three acts: strophe (one side of story), antistrophe (other side of story), and epode (review)


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