Ode To The Peacock by Mike Williams 03/26/2016 @ 11:54 P.M.

Ode To The Peacock by Mike Williams 03/26/2016 @ 11:54 P.M.

White spectre appearing of moon and mist,
Amid the shadows in the coolth of eve.
Reparting silence in thy watchfullness,
Stretching thy naked crown on the qui vive.
O’ delight of kings immemorial,
Lofty the Pavo ever doth remain.
Thy reputation above other fowl,
O’ thy beauty reigns magesterial.
Elegant thy splendourous lengthy train,
Before me the peacock cometh to prowl.

Hauntingly splitting the still doth thy cry,
Above the treetops ascends in augury.
Awakening the sleeping dead that did lie,
I hear you rail in demagoguery.
O’ great woodland and verdant curator,
Set high the Gallifromes and Phasinidae.
‘Tis your sound that strikes heart as my ears ring,
O’ piercing that voice of the orator.
Thy echoes seemingly call out to me,
Come away now, come away now thee sing.

I observe and sense my feathered reprieve,
Thy warning seeps into the depths my core.
Sub umbra floreo slips my relief,
Sub umbra alarum tuarum come o’er.
O’ phoenix whose tale fans the mythic flame,
Legendary lore of ashen rebirth.
Revealed unto me by dying light,
Swift upon thine thievin’ legs hast thou came.
From the dark undergrowth bearing thy mirth,
Aliferous taking me toward new flight.


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