The Land of Not by Mike Williams 04/05/2016 @ 11:41 P.M.

The Land of Not by Mike Williams 04/05/2016 @ 11:41 P.M.

Across the distant sea and a place forgot,
There once was a beautiful land called Not.
A strange vast island of many unusual things,
Where time stood still as well as dreams.

The people there were mild, friendly, and fair;
Knowing nothing of greed having plenty to share.
There were no rich and nobody was poor,
With plenty to eat and an open door.

The soil was tended well and every plot,
For nothing so fine as nature’s given lot.
Trees were grown of every fruit and flower,
And life was deeply respected every golden hour.

There was no King, Queen, or corrupt government;
No lawyers and special interest groups of torment.
Commerce was never permitted to kill the fields,
And abundantly the seasons plentiful wealth did yield

The birds and the bees and the butterfly,
Upon the careless breezes wafted and idled by.
Protected all the clear streams and animals too,
As every good Notonian was taught to do.

From season to season in splendor and toil,
Worth more than the world’s gold or oil.
How happy were the people long since forgot,
In that dreamy far away land called Not.


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