The Day Freedom Died by Mike Williams 04/17/2016 @ 10:15 A.M.

The Day Feedom Died by Mike Williams 04/17/2016 @ 10:15 A.M.

When they ask “what happened to America?”
The once great nation of the free.
It died within a short while ago,
But few knew when it happened apparently.

When big government sold out the people,
And big business gave way to corruption.
When we the people stood by idle,
And allowed its steady pace toward destruction.

When the politicians turned a blind eye,
Self obsessed with their own personal greed.
When the news media ignored the news,
And education gave in to ignorance’s seed.

When the courts sold out to injustice,
And the police became a Gestapo horde.
When the lawyers stuffed their deep pockets,
And the innocent became so long ignored.

When those in power abused their station,
And removed control from the common civilian.
Civil liberties are denied and the constitution,
The political and legal systems turned chameleon.

When all swearing to protect and serve,
Turned deaf ears to the people’s plea.
That was the day that freedom died,
It happen right in front of me.

The forefathers that established our early nation,
Would be ashamed of us and more.
Now lady liberty has since been redressed,
As if she were a common whore.

Freedom did indeed die upon your watch,
Now you understand the causes much clearer!
When they ask “what happened to America?”
Look at your face within the mirror!


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