The Court of No Confidence by Mike Williams 05/02/2016 @ 9:62 A.M.

The Court of No Confidence by Mike Williams 05/02/2016 @ 9:62 A.M.

Before the incompetent court and idiot judge,
in the nonsense theater of tyranical grudge;
watched by an abject jury of expendable pawns,
to set my freedom and future frivolously on.
As if a knave accussed of stealing tarts,
just as Alice stood before the queen of hearts.

Justice seems dolled as a game of chess,
a revolving tea party of strife and stress.
I glance timidly upon the looking glass,
“No thank you your honorless I will pass.”
The knights of the relm have indeed gone mad,
while the innocent are swiftly all deemed bad.

Though Alice stumbled down a rabbit hole,
I too have fallen and payed a heavy toll,
the court itself has committed a crime;
abusing its position while neglecting its mind.
Here the truth is denied a rightful recompense,
I make a motion to vote here no confidence!

I imagine this must be exactly how Alice felt,
when the treacherous fabricate every card delt;
but this is not a fictional story of wonderland,
this is apart of America I don’t quite understand.
The question persists “exactly who is to blame?”
How did our government and courts go insaine?


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