Point of View by Mike Williams 07/30/2016 @ 8:33 A.M.

Point of View by Mike Williams 07/30/2016 @ 8:33 A.M.

A single story premise is
a one sided personal view.
There is your side and there is mine,
then there is another side that’s true.What you think is how you see things
and your perception becomes you.
We see the world from our limits
and we so often misconstrue.There’s many sides to a story,
though some say that there are only two.
I think it is all perspective
and point of view that we look through.

Note: Something that bothers me deeply, is the limited perpective of politics, religion, law, written history, national identity, personal points of view, and other limited perceptions. These things often have their one sided myths and way of viewing the world that is far from logical and accounting for other possibilities. I personally like to refraim from limiting my perceptions based on a single story premise. It seems too much like a logical fallacy without all of the information available to make a distinctive judgement solely upon.


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