Men In Cages by Mike Williams 08/02/2016 @ 11:48 A.M.

Men In Cages by Mike Williams 08/02/2016 @ 11:48 A.M.

Have you ever seen men in cages,
and wondered what is the principal point?
They waste away what seems like ages,
and rarely rehabilitate inside of the joint.

The sick system we call criminal justice,
is not really any justice at all.
A mistake made one pays a lifetime,
it is human to err, stumble, and fall.

To those that have been long neglected,
neglect twists and turns upon their mind,
Cages kill the best of human spirit,
and cause greater issues you will find.

How many innocent men are locked away,
and robbed of freedom, finances, and choice?
The legal eagles have got their man,
to put behind bars with silenced voice.

The court and lawyers make their money,
and prisons are a profitable industry too.
Little good may it do for society,
when hardened criminals are released upon you.

For criminal victims there is little restitution,
who profits from ones we marginalize?
What is the intent of an institution?
it’s time we opened up our eyes!


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