Thinking Voyage by Mike Williams 02/23/2016 @ 10:52 A.M.

Thinking Voyage by Mike Williams 02/23/2016 @ 10:52 A.M.

Something in my amusement has occured,
In a thought a universe birthed,
Star systems within the mind stirred,
Yet I’m rooted afoot to earth.

The fires of the imagination blaze,
Ever outward to stretch in wonder,
As I stand overwhelmed and amazed,
In quest “what if” I ponder.

A far reaching distant journey fair,
Beheld faintly mindful and captivated within,
I soar upon possibility and air,
Daring to dream beyond what’s been.

Staring off into the fathomed deep,
The chasm of some mental mirage,
Peering longly these seductive secrets keep,
I embark on a thinking voyage.

96 words, 16 lines, and 4 stanzas.

© Mike Williams                      imagination poemsintrospection poemsquestioning poems


Tired by Mike Williams 02/24/2016 @ 4:58 A.M.

Tired by Mike Williams 02/24/2016 @ 4:58 A.M.

I’m tired of feeling brittle and broken,
I’m tired of being made to bow,
I’m tired of holding on and still hoping,
That you might change someday, somehow.

Our life is not quite as it ought to be,
I’m feeling it render apart,
The part that keeps coming undone is me,
Because you would not have a heart.

So when I say to you that I am tired,
I intend much much more to that phrase,
It is not only rest that’s desired,
It means I am sick of your ways.

To be sure that you listen and have heard,
Give me your ear once more to lend,
Tired isn’t just an expression or word,
It means no longer will I bend.

Fragile by Mike Williams 02/18/2016 @ 6:31 P.M.

Fragile by Mike Williams 02/18/2016 @ 6:31 P.M.

I look there into my silence,
If I a winged thing were.
Perched and peering in my shyness,
Dainty and delicate as a bird.

I wallow in a pensive mood,
No time for sunshine and smiles.
My creative thinking needs to brood,
Moments ahover over my paper piles.

Preening the clutter from my mind,
Taperd edges draw tipped to close.
Fragility has proved far less kind,
A feathered thing no one knows.

The Requiem of The Stars by Mike Williams 02/18/2016 @ 8:45 A.M.

The Requiem of The Stars by Mike Williams 02/18/2016 @ 8:45 A.M.

From the stars I have learnt,
The lesson of having been burnt.
Forged by fire from a pain,
Set aglow from loss to gain.

I thought that I would collapse,
As the years did slowly elapse.
When you left I did grow,
Finding grace comes from letting go.

Though it was not your intent,
I found something since heaven sent.
A peace that comes from within,
By forgiveness I radiated once again.

As nightshade is the poet’s bane,
I would never be the same.
My old notions I put away,
Writ to save a future day.

I’ve tasted shadows so long ago,
Yet it didn’t kill me though.
What did die was simply us,
Never my hope, love, and trust.

Looking at the past I wonder,
The spell broken I was under.
In hindsight pondering over my memoirs,
Discovering the requiem of the stars.

Love Letters by Mike Williams 07/13/2014 @ 3:34 P.M.

Love Letters by Mike Williams 07/13/2014 @ 2:34 P.M.

Far beyond the span of distance and time,
Reaching back to once upon a love crime.

Forgotten memories that linger in line,
Where our thoughts and emotions intertwine.

Recovered letters and postcards sublime,
Locked away hoarded old treasures of time.

Portals to the past evoke in my mind,
Their mystery and moments left far behind.

Elated letters upon which to dine,
Inked sentiments exchanged of yours and mine.

68 words, 10 lines, 5 couplets.

I tend to hold on to old love letters and postcards. I don’t care much about material things. Its the written word that thrills me to no end. Long after a relationship has ended, or a person has passed away. Words spoken, words written, and memories are usually what hold a sentimental impact on me. Material things don’t hold the same power over me as memories and the written word.

© Mike Williams                         memories poemsthe poemswritten poemsword poems

Oral Tokens by Mike Williams 07/14/2014 @ 1:54 P.M.

Tokens by Mike Williams 07/14/2014 @ 1:54 P.M.

In the midst of the chatter and ramblings
about the mundane day bespoken,
I long to hear silent words of your heart
told outwardly into the open.

How can I know your cares and your concerns,
observing the common commotion?
I want to know what you feel in your soul,
with your words of expressed emotion.

How does anyone know if they are loved,
without hearing the words oft spoken?
The intent of an action become lost
when communication is broken.

The day comes and goes without a voiced care,
a need is in want of promotion.
Nothing is new under the golden sun, nor in the blue depths of the ocean.

We recount the small moments of our lives
through tiny actions and slight motions.
What eternally keeps in memory
are the feelings of oral tokens.

Internal Clear by Mike Williams 07/27/2015 @ 11:42 P.M.

Internal Clear by Mike Williams 07/27/2015 @ 11:42 P.M.

My mind is a vessel,
Floating on an endless sea.
At times adrift in wonder,
Sailing with and without me.

Its sailcloth filled with imagination,
Windswept towards a distant shore.
Set upon some new horizon,
I have never seen before.

Quickly as it should land,
It sails away yet again.
Ever searching for the unknown,
Inside of the depths within.

I stand at the rudder,
Though I can rarely steer.
Going where it takes me,
Off into the internal clear.